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Zaping. For Midi ensemble (2010) 

Ensemble for six instruments. For Chamber ensemble (2011)
Strirng quartet N°1 (2011)
Historia verídica. For Chamber ensemble (2013) 
Homo Cuadratus. For marimba (2013)
Interference N°1. For Flute and Trombone (2013)
De cronopios y de famas. Chamber opera. (2014) 
Isósceles. For Flute, Violoncello and Contrabass. (2015)
La jaula de oro. For Sax Quartet (2015) 
Polisemia. For Guitarr (2015)
Cupressus. For Clarinet, Violoncello and Piano. (2016)
Fuego Blanco. For Flute and Piano. (2016)
Tu vana sombra. For String trio. (2016)
Phatos. For String quartet. (2016) 
Seked. For Violin, Violoncello and Piano. (2017) 
Clarinet trip. For clarinet and live electronics. (2018) 
Diada. For Sax baritono and Violoncello. (2018)
Attalia. For Trombone and Violoncello. (2019)
Is this ithe school?. For electronics.  (2019)
Points of resonance. For Chamber orchestra. (2019)
The Bach box. For ensemble. (2019)
Schwindel. For piano and voice. (2020)
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